Maintaining Your Bling


We know you’ve been staring at your ring ever since your fiancé slipped it onto your finger, and we know how much you want to make sure it keeps shining bright like…well, like a diamond! 

So today we’re breaking down all the ways you can make sure your engagement ring keeps that beautiful shine!


When Not to Wear

Of course you want to keep your ring on as much as you can, preferably 24/7, but there are times that it is better to remove your ring. 

Day-to-day tasks that you may want to think twice before doing them with your ring on include showering and washing and moisturizing your hands. 

The chemicals and perfumes found in soaps and lotions can lead to your diamond or stone becoming cloudy over time. 

Speaking of chemicals, those are also found in cleaning fluids, so anytime you’re doing a deep clean, make sure to remove your ring or at least wear gloves! 

Another task that should be done ring-less is working out. Not only can your ring become cloudy from sweat, but weights can warp and damage the band. 

They can also loosen prongs, and you’d hate to lose your stone!

When it comes time for the honeymoon or any other vacations, slip your ring off if you’re going to spend time in the sun or surf! 

Salts can erode stones, and cold water can even shrink your diamond! Better to go without it than to risk the damage. 

Not only can these activities damage the stones in your ring, but they actually affect the metal in your bands. So make sure to apply these rules to rings that do not include gems too!

If this has sounded like a lot of times that you’ll be removing your jewelry, that’s because it is. 

And while that may be disappointing, it’ll be worth it when you still have that perfectly fitted and shining ring 10 years from now. 

Rules of Thumb…or Ring Finger

The longevity of your ring matters, so keep in mind these considerations for what you do with it when it’s off of your finger and how to safely clean it.

No one wants to lose their engagement ring or wedding bands, so our biggest piece of advice? 

Have a dedicated space to put your ring when you’re not wearing it that is far from any drains! (This goes for your future spouse’s ring(s) too!) 

A small jewelry dish on a dresser or a jewelry box on a bedside table makes the perfect space for your ring when you’re not wearing it (as long as any pets or small children can’t reach it). 

And you don’t want to have to deal with a pet or child swallowing a ring!

You may also be wondering – if you can’t wear your ring while cleaning or washing your hands, how do you keep your ring clean? 

It’s actually a simple answer – wash it gently with warm water, a gentle dish soap, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. 

Don’t do this every day though; just once a week or so, and your ring will maintain its sparkle! 

The last step to making sure you never lose your ring and your ring never loses its shine? 

Have it professionally checked and cleaned by a jeweler every six months!

This way, you won’t have to worry about it becoming misshapen or any prongs becoming loose, and your ring will thank you by gleaming brightly. 

And remember: If you think your ring isn’t fitting properly or if it starts sliding off without effort, stop wearing it until you can take it to the jeweler as soon as possible. 

Always, always, always ask a jeweler any questions you have about your rings – they’re the experts for a reason! 

While it may be disappointing to not be able to keep your rings on your finger all day and all night, the maintenance will pay off in the long run, and you’ll be thankful you kept your ring in tip-top shape! 


Ready for more wedding-related help? We’ll be back next month with more tips and tricks, but we would never leave you empty handed. 

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